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CLASSE's Nadeau-Dubois resigns


  1. This morning, Quebecers woke up to the news that CLASSE spokesman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was resigning from his position.
  2. Reacting to Nadeau-Dubois's comments that he is resigning in part due to the personal attacks against him from the Liberal government, Charest was on the defensive:
  3. PQ leader Pauline Marois also reacted to the news:

    "I think we have to have respect for Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. We cannot always be in agreement with his viewpoint, but he defended his viewpoint with intelligence and audacity," said Marois, as reported by CTV Montreal (link below). "He denouced (sic) violence, and he denounced abuse. He could not always control [the actions of protesters] however."
  4. Reaction is mixed. Some believe he is backing down:
  5. While most wish him luck and thank him for his work:
  6. And some think the move is related to the provincial election and that Nadeau-Dubois will soon be announced as a candidate.
  7. What do you think GND's next move will be?