Twitter reaction to Nenshi's "off your meds" tweet

Before the mayor tapped the words "off your meds" into his iPhone, he likely knew it would do little good to engage with someone who was antagonizing him. In fact, he began that tweet with the words "I know I should not bother."


  1. The mayor should not have bothered, as those three words have led to criticism of his lack of respect for people with mental illness. Below, the tweets that were sent before and after the mayor's outburst, including an accusation by Werner Patels that Nenshi's sister was promoting "radical Islamism." 
  2. Nenshi responded to a Tweet from Patels that linked to a Calgary Sun article about Occupy Calgary, with Patels calling the situation a "disgrace." The tweet appears to have been deleted, but was archived here. Nenshi responded, kicking off the discussion.
  3. There are some more tweets in the discussion, which you can view here. After Nenshi disengaged from the conversation, he joked that it was a good distraction from preparing for Monday's council meeting:
  4. Nenshi apologized during a break in today's city council meeting for choosing those words, telling the Calgary Herald, “part of the world I live in is I am who I am, and there’s certain authenticity and when people engage with me on Twitter, that’s what they get.
  5. Reaction has been mixed on Twitter, with plenty of people shocked or upset at the word choice and others saying Nenshi was right to bite back, even though the words he chose were not ideal: