Open Addresses UK Launched

Highlights from Open Addresses UK over the past 24 hours


  1. On Wednesday 14th January, we announced that Open Addresses UK was "officially" open for business and invited people to come on board and submit their addresses and ideas at
  2. Luckily, we had some quite influential supporters:
  3. Heather Savory, chair of the Open Data User Group (ODUG) in the UK government explained how Open Addresses UK started and why it's important:

    One of the first benefits cases ODUG developed in 2012 was a call on the government to deliver an Open National Address Dataset. Address data is a key underpinning component of our National Information Infrastructure, essential to connect other datasets together for analysis, without the need for personal identifiers, to underpin the evidence-based design of innovative, cost-effective public services; also to allow business innovation with other open public datasets to assist economic growth.

    The Katalysis Report commissioned by BIS in 2014 supported the need for Open Addresses and recommended that a modified version of the GeoPlace (joint venture between Ordnance Survey and the Local Government Association) AddressBase product should be made open. As no action has been taken to realise this aim, also following the unfortunate sale of the Postcode Address File (PAF) when the Royal Mail was privatised, the Release of Data Fund decided that alternate action should be taken.

    The aim of Open Addresses UK is to build a national address register which is free of monopoly intellectual property restrictions so this address data will be genuinely open. This project is a challenge but not one which is insurmountable and I hope it will receive the full support required to achieve the aim of delivering a truly open national address register, free at the point of use and for re-use by anyone. That would be a fabulous result for us all.”
  4. Heather went on to blog about us on
  5. A great conversation got underway on Twitter. We had lots of people making comments, asking questions and telling their friends and colleagues to get involved:
  6. Other organisations wrote stories about our work and asked their networks to take a look:
  7. We also launched a photography competition, with a £500 prize. We are asking entrants to sum up, in a photograph what an address means to them and to send us their best images:
  8. And journalists are writing about what we're doing:
  9. Since yesterday morning, more than a thousand people have visited our website and we've had around 215 data entries to our address list (Wednesday 14th Jan 2015). We're pretty chuffed with that but there's obvioulsy a long way to go. So please get involved - submit addresses, make suggestions and enter our competition (it's all free!). We are