Failure in the Archives

Conference celebrating the failures & frustrations of archival research 30 October 2014, Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, UCL


  1. First a picture of the spectacular biscuits, partly because that makes a great cover picture, and partly, seriously: Look At Them!
  2. Sharon Howard (@sharon_howard) has already very helpfully archived all tweets: . I just needed them in storify-form for completely separate reasons, and as I had done that work anyway, why not make that public to others as well.
  3. Table of Contents
  4. The Politics of Failure in the Archives: A Roundtable Discussion

  5. Chair:
    Lisa Jardine (UCL)
    Heiba Lamara and Hudda Khaireh, One of My Kind Small Press (
    Cathy Collins, Endangered Archives Project, British Library (