Catholic Record Society 2016

59th Annual Conference 25-27 July 2016 Murray Edwards College, Cambridge


  1. Panel: Protestant and Catholic encounters
    Paul Arblaster: Fantastic Beasts in the Douai Bible

    Sarah Johanesen: Hallowed Objects: The Degrees of Danger in Catholic Material Culture, 1559-1640

    Ralph Stephens: ‘You have lately seized the chapel’: Catholics, Protestant Dissenters, and appropriated worship venues in Restoration Lancashire

    Panel: Legal Mechanism
    Eilish Gregory: The Navigation of the Sequestration and Compounding Process in the Mid-Seventeenth Century: The Networks of the English Catholic Gentry

    Aislinn Muller: The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth’s Excommunication in England and Ireland

    Alison Shell: Robert Owen's Book: Catholic Pamphleteering and Playwriting in Early Modern Shrewsbury

    Female Agency
    Giada Pizzoni: Mrs Helena Aylward: A British Catholic Entrepreneur in the Early Modern Atlantic world (1705-1714)

    Marie Rowlands: Respectful and Respected Catholic single women teachers 1780-1840

    Susan O’Brien: A Catholic Practice of Charity, How Different?: Assessing the work of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in Britain, 1860-1925

    Panel: Clerical and Religious Life
    Georgina Moore: Clerical Celibacy and Masculinity in Sixteenth Century England

    Roberta Anderson: Dispatches from the English Benedictine Monastery of the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady, Brussels

    Cormac Begadon: Religious refugees in Revolutionary France: the case of the English Benedictines

    Panel: Archives and Research Tools
    Judith Smeaton
    Margaret Harcourt Williams
    Victoria Van Hyning

    Alban Hood: Of Rabbits and Hedgehogs: Monks, Bishops, and the English Mission, 1795-1850

    Transnational Catholicism
    Carmen Mangion: A new Internationalism: endeavouring to ‘build from this diversity, unity
    Sr Mary C. Treacy fma: Soho and the Sisters

    Mary Heimann: The Secularization of St Francis of Assisi
  2. Panel: Protestant and Catholic encounters

  3. Paul Arblaster: Fantastic Beasts in the Douai Bible