Organizing an Annotation Flash Mob: Recruiting collaborators for a safe-fail experiment

Paul Allison of the NYC writing project floated the notion of virtual flash mobs annotating texts in a recent Teachers Teaching Teachers webinar. The first event planned for youth will be Tuesday during the State of the Union address. I wanted to organize one for educators consider the potential.


  1. Below is the webinar where Paul planted the seed of this idea, along with Dr. Jeremy Dean from
  2. TTT#472 Let's organize virtual flash mobs or annotatathons with
  3. Looking for help, I reached out to Terry Elliott to gauge his interest in helping organize an educator-facing mob.
  4. We met quickly on Friday morning to sketch a plan. Below are the Google Doc plan and the 20 minute hangout.
  5. planning annotatathon for teachers
  6. Rachel Bear, an NWP colleague and #clmooc collaboratorr was my first confirmation and after that the responses came in quickly and were overwhelmingly positive.