Intervention @ Ironman Arizona Triathlon

One Circle presents real stories from people sharing their part in helping with intervention by recognizing abuse against children and demonstrating how protecting children through education makes a significant difference.


  1. Here is my story.

    I was at the Ironman Arizona Triathlon to cheer on a few friends
    of mine. It’s a really great time with lots of family and friends
    there to support their athletes.

    As I was walking with my group of friends we passed a couple and
    their two small children. I could hear the man talking negatively
    to his wife who had their baby strapped to her chest and their
    other child alongside her holding her hand. The man was right in
    his wife’s face telling her that she was “stupid and she makes him
    so mad.” He proceeded to grab her arms and pull her close to him
    as he continued to berate her. I could see the absolute fear in her

    Even though I was with a group of people, not one of them
    noticed this. Dr. K has shared so many of these stories and here I
    was facing the situation she has described time and time again.
    Surprising myself, I stopped and approached the couple and asked
    if there was a problem. I will never forget the fear in the woman’s
    eyes as she shook her head no and said everything was “fine”.

    The husband turned to me and proceeded to get in my face asking
    “what business is it of yours” and “what are you going to do about
    it“ and “do you think I’m going to hit her because you see that on

    I told him that he seemed upset and that his children were
    watching him and they looked scared so maybe we could take a
    walk. Don’t be fooled, I was pretty scared myself and my heart
    was pounding, but I had my Labrador Retriever at my side and
    that gave me a sense of protection.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when the husband picked up his
    daughter, put her on his shoulders and began walking through the
    crowd away from his wife. My dog and I followed him, having no
    idea where this would lead, but knowing it was better than where
    we were. His daughter, kept looking back at me and I can’t even
    imagine what thoughts were in her head. After about 10 minutes
    of walking, the husband approached a group of elderly women (I
    can only assume family by their reaction to him) and he began
    chatting with them as if nothing had happened.

    I then turned and headed back to the spot where we left his wife.
    She was sitting on the curb and looked so sad. All I could do was
    offer to help her in any way, but as I anticipated, she said she
    was fine and thanked me. She was so uncomfortable and
    obviously embarrassed by it all but I could sense her relief that
    for that moment all the madness had stopped.

    To this day I think of her and her girls, and I hope they are safe.
    Thank you One Circle and Dr. K for giving me the courage to do
    the right thing. You have taught me that we cannot continue to
    look the other way and not get involved. We must stand up for
    those who can’t stand up for themselves!