Twitter Scavenger Hunt - TSH

We were assigned on a Twitter Scavenger Hunt at the American University in Cairo and here's how it went.


  1. Last semester I heard about the TSH from one of my colleagues in Professor Kim Fox's class, and this semester I was lucky to be part of it.
  2. Nour Eltigani and I were partners. Each pair were assigned 10 questions and it was up to each pair to come up with creative ideas to answer these questions through Twitter and Vine.
  3. I was excited before the event so I started tweeting prior to it.
  4. Dr. Kim caught us in action!
  5. We finally found out what we had to do, and it was on! We used the #JRLWeb and #JRMC2202 hashtags while tweeting.
  6. We also had to create a Vine.
  7. Luckily, Nour and I were able to finish on time