#femfog, #gyb, and the problem with misogyny in medieval studies

It all started when someone noticed a blog post on Anglo-Saxonist Allen J Frantzen's website titled "How to Fight Your Way Out of a Feminist Fog"...


  1. The blog post in question:
  2. And the donotlink url:
  3. Speaking Out

  4. Twitter quickly filled with mockery of Frantzen's post. Two hashtags came out in response to this academic furor: #femfog and #gyb. Some responses also popped up under the #IloveOldEnglish hashtag.
  5. Longer reactions swiftly appeared on blogs:
  6. Peter Buchanan, for example, wrote about his dismay of encountering this as a young academic:
  7. Carla at The Syllabub wrote about the entrenchment of these ideas in academia.
  8. In the Middle came out with several posts about reactions to #femfog and what action the Anglo-Saxon and broader medieval studies community needs to take to bring about real results from this dialogue.
  9. Dorothy Kim's post "Antifeminism, Whiteness, and Medieval Studies" meditated on intersectional feminism and the problems in medieval studies with both gender and race:
  10. Jonathan Hsy offered some thoughts on lessons learned and what steps medievalists can take to be proactive about these problems: