#critlib: critical information literacy and the ‘left’

Tweets from the #critlib twitter chat on October 21, 2014. Read more about #critlib here: http://tinyurl.com/critlibx.


  1. This Storify is from October 21st, 2014's #critlib chat on critical information literacy and left politics, moderated by @JessicaCritten. She writes:
  2. "For the purposes of this discussion, we are understanding “politics” to refer to a system of governance, and political ideologies (Democrats! Republicans! Bull Moose!) Here's also an optional reading to help contextualize this conversation a little:
  3. I tried to match everyone's @replies with the tweet it was responding to. Hopefully, most things ended up in the right place. I'm sure some did not. Plus, some things without the #critlib hashtag are missing.
  4. Q1: Where do you locate the work of #critlib on the political spectrum?