Open Data Day 2016 in Germany

On March 5th, 2016 Germany celebrated open data in 13 cities and regions. Here's a round-up of the events.


  1. Düsseldorf

  2. More than 30 people showed up to Düsseldorf's launch event. And already three projects have been kicked off! There's city stories, an app that offers a virtual city tour featuring personal stories; CycleDorf, a redeployment of CyclePhilly; and RaumAmateur, an app that connects people with specific interests to available rooms.
  3. Greetings from the newly founded OK Lab!

  4. Hamburg

  5. Hamburg spent the day with around 30 new and old faces, presenting numerous talks on open data, mapping all kinds of things, and how to cope with a "hackathon hangover".
  6. Their next projects range from scraping and visualising Hamburg's air quality data to creating a heatmap of casinos to demonstrate the difficulty for people coping with problem gambling.

  7. Köln

  8. Cologne's BarCamp opened up the discussion on a number of projects, including a toilet app that takes a closer look at the city's newly released water waste data.
  9. Of course, pizza is important too...

  10. Berlin

  11. Berlin's new project concerns trees - lots of them. The OK Lab's databank of Berlin's tree cadastre can be used for a variety of things. Fighting the invasion of leaf-mining moths, for example. Wikidata and the BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) joined them for that.