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Athens Ohio Perspectives on Bin Laden's death

My first reaction when I learned the U.S. had killed Osama bin Laden was to check my friends lists on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. I threw this story together quickly to help me remember this day and to demonstrate to my students at Ohio University the power of social media in modern journalism.


  1. As a former reporter, I was interested first in how the press got and dealt with the story. ABC turned to Storify to help.
  2. Friends informed me of celebrations nationally, ...
  3. ... statewide, ...
  4. ... and locally.
  5. The New Political did a great job of collecting tweets from Athens residents.
  6. I was particularly interested in this one.
  7. Vince Nairn, an Ohio University student who is also the sports editor of the Post, had his tweet featured on Huffington Post.
  8. Another friend and former coworker, John Galayda, contributed this photo to the New York Times online.
  9. Some of the tech people I follow added perspective to the news that the mainstream media missed. Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, was the first person I saw who posted a Google map of Abbottabad.
  10. I also had to start following IT consultant Sohaib Athar ...
  11. ... after learning about his live coverage of the attack from this Huffington Post piece.
  12. Other tweets I saved looked at the lighter side of the news. Some built upon Google maps. My friend Russell Gearhart sent me this link.