Formative Assessment Tools for Music Teachers

Practice Makes Perfect

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  1. Formative Assessment enables teachers and students to identify areas of concern.
  2. Then, teachers can adjust their instruction to meet students needs.
  3. Or, students can use the feedback from the formative assessments, to focus their attention on areas they need to practice or study.
  4. Three formative assessment tools that are useful for Music Teachers teaching note reading skills for piano-keyboard are:
  5. First:
  6. Click on the Exercises tab at the top, and there are several customizable options. You can email the scores to both student (feedback) and teacher (data collection). Here is a tutorial I found to help you get started.
  7. Second:
  8. available on both iPad and Android platforms, Note Works Free is a video game that allows students to have fun practicing finding the right key for the note. Here is a tutorial I made on how to use it:
  9. Third:
  10. Audacity can be used to record student performances with verbal feedback from the teacher, and then the recording and feedback can be emailed to the student for their use.
  11. Audacity can also be used to record student performances and emailed to the student for the student to self-assess their performance. This allows the student to take ownership of their learning.
  12. These are great digital tools for music teachers to get started with. Which one will you choose?