SU and ESF Team Up for Climate Change Teach-In

"Lessons From Sandy" panelists share their views on climate change, natural disasters, and what it means for us

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  1. Students, faculty, and Syracuse residents came out last night to SU's Maxwell Auditorium listen to a panel discuss climate change in regards to natural disasters. Among the panelists were Dr. Charlie Hall, an ecology professor at SUNY ESF and author of the book "Energy and the Wealth of Nations," and local meteorologist Dave Eichorn, as well as two SU students and two associate professors.
  2. Each of the panelists had a different perspective on the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy. Sophomore Emma Edwards focused on the youth, associate professor for the SU African-American studies Kishi Sucre focused on marginalized groups, and Eichorn focused on weather patterns.
  3. While most in attendance seemed to agree on most issues, one point of contention was Dr. Hall's strong stance on the continued use of fossil fuels. Dr. Hall expressed that he believes there is no alternative.
  4. Yet, other students and panelists are looking forward to divesting in fossil fuels.