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Evidence-informed decision-making in a complex world

This event featured a diverse panel debate exploring the relationship between evidence and decision-making in a 'post truth' world. #evidence4impact


  1. You can watch the event here:
  2. Evidence-informed decision-making in a complex world - panel
  3. In a so called 'post-truth' world, the relationship between evidence and decision-making is becoming ever more challenging. The rise of populist politics and attacks on aid are likely to be driving some donors towards simpler, more technocratic, definitions of impact. Accountability to funders and value for money may squeeze out complexity thinking and learning. The panel debate event asked a diverse panel: how do you navigate this tension to inform your day-to-day decision-making? The event was co-organised by the Institute of Development Studies,the International Institute for Environment and Development and the Overseas Development Institute.
  4. The event chair, Louise Shaxson ‏(@LouiseShaxson - Research Fellow, Research and Policy in Development, ODI), introduced the panel, asking each speaker to explore different aspects of evidence informed decision making in a so called 'post-truth' world.
  5. Irene Guijt (@guijti - Head of Research, Oxfam) opened the panel debate, providing insight into how Oxfam assesses the impact of their research and what it delivers. She explored how to navigate tensions between the interests of various stakeholders.
  6. Nasreen Jessani (@NasreenJessani - Associate, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) reflected on evidence and decision-making in public health.
  7. Nasreen went on to outline 4 central challenges, providing recommendations on how to strengthen evidence use within national governments:
  8. Gina Porter (Senior Research Fellow, Durham University) presented on the impact agenda. She explored the tension between the pressure to demonstrate impact and the demands of producing high quality research while ensuring local ownership of findings.