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Doing Development Differently

The Overseas Development Institute and Matt Andrews are collaborating to hold a series of events on doing development differently. They will aim to showcase practical experience on new strategies for designing, implementing and evaluating development programmes in more innovative ways.


  1. This event, held at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government on October 22nd and 23rd 2014 is the first in the series. More information about the event is available on the ODI website, and on the Building State Capability website. You can follow the event participants on Twitter via this list.
  2. Here's the agenda for the event:
  3. Lant Pritchett from the Harvard Kennedy School kicked off the first day.
  4. Michael Woolcock, Zack Brisson, Tim Williamson and Kay Winning then presented practical examples of 'doing development differently.' Michael Woolcock, from the World Bank's Justice for the Poor programme, was first up. Watch his presentation here: