Spring 2015 Diversity Expo

Lisa Lee gave the keynote. I attended sessions on cultural proficiency, supporting and understanding LGBTQ students, and a roundtable discussion on transgender students.


  1. Getting at the Heart of Teaching

  2. Lisa Lee's TEDx Talk, below:
  3. Getting at the heart of teaching: Lisa Lee at TEDxCrestmoorParkED
  4. I Know You Are But Who Am I: Understanding the Foundations of Cultural Proficiency

  5. (previously presented at the 2015 Jeffco Summer Institute)

    Cultural Proficiency is the ability of educators to successfully serve children and youth of all cultural backgrounds represented within school populations, particularly those from racially/ethnically, linguistically or economically marginalized groups.

    Participants are provided with an overview of cultural proficiency and explore tools that can be used to reach cultural proficiency in their instruction and in their classrooms. Through this learning, participants examined and discussed examples of cultural proficiency in the context of public schools.
  6. The danger of a single story | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  7. (The website linked above is limited to jeffcoschools.us users; it contains the resources from the PD unit.)

  8. Supporting and Understanding LGBTQ Students

  9. Presenter: Lauren Cikara, Safe Schools Manager with One Colorado

    Language is an important part of creating safe and inclusive environments for young people to succeed in. This session highlighted simple ways to create these spaces while understanding the needs of LGBTQ students.
  10. What does One Colorado do? They advance policy, develop youth leadership, provide service learning opportunities, and provide school staff support.
  11. Inclusion idea: annotate a map of your school with red dots to indicate areas where bullying occurs and gold stars to indicate safe spots.

  12. All About the T: A Roundtable Discussion with School/Teacher Leaders About Supporting Transgender Students

  13. Presenters: Lauren Cikara, Safe Schools Manager with One Colorado, and Louis Sisneros, Jeffco Schools teacher
  14. Handout: The Genderbread Person
  15. As of January 2015, Schoology and Google Apps pulled student information from Infinite Campus, which uses the student's legal first name and not their preferred first name. Jeffco is hoping to get this changed as Infinite Campus already supports this in California.
  16. Three states - California, Massachusetts, and New York - have given students an affirmative right to use a name per their gender identity.
  17. Idea: use cards for students to share things they want the staff to know: preferred name, preferred gender pronouns, anything that should be known if the school needs to contact home (conflict with pronouns, languages other than English spoken at home, etc.).
  18. Be intentional with all staff on preferred names.
  19. (Schools in Transition was published a few months after the spring diversity expo, but I'm including it here anyway.)