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Commissioning the world's first sewage fuel cell and hydrogen station

The world's first sewage-powered hydrogen fuel station opened in Fountain Valley today. Drivers of hydrogen-fueled cars will now be able to exit the 405 freeway at Euclid Avenue and fill up with converted sewage waste that offers the equivalent of 70 miles per gallon.


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  2. "This is a paradigm shift," said National Fuel Cell Research Center director Scott Samuelsen. "We'll be truly fuel-independent and no longer held hostage by other countries. This is the epitome of sustainability, where we're taking an endless stream of human waste and transforming it to transportation fuel and electricity. This is the first time this has ever been done."

  3. United States Department of Energy
  4. "Innovations like this demonstrate how American ingenuity and targeted investment can accelerate breakthroughs in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry while driving the clean energy economy forward," said DOE's Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy Steve Chalk. 
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