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Zionist Crimes against Christianity

So you still think it is about "Islam", "Arabs" ? Than you're wrong. Christianity suffers zionist occupation & crimes as well. 100.000 Christians were ethnic cleansed in 1948's Nakba and it didn't end there...


  1. Although many people do not even realize the facts, Christians and even Jewish people in support of Palestine or peace and coexistance with Palestinians are targeted too:
  2. During the 1948 Nakba, 800.000 people were exiled from Palestine among them, 100.000 Christian Palestinians who had lived all history in coexistence with their Muslim brothers and sisters until the creation of the "State of Israel". Intolerance and hatred does not live among Christians & Muslims in Palestine, although Israel wants you to believe so: It is one of the propaganda-myths of hasbara.

    In the meanwhile, "Israel" profiling itself as the "Holy Land" has a very ugly truth which is of no divine kind at all. Welcoming Christians on their pilgrimages to Jerusalem or Bethlehem, it is merely the money they bring in the tourism industry they're "loved" for, but not really..

    A few video's to show you the real thought of zionism about Christians (These videos are not so nice and might be found shocking and offending. I do think though it is necessary to post them to give you real insight and evidence in footage to show you the truth)

    Video 1:  Zionists mocking Jesus .. on Israeli television, watch for yourself:
  3. Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV - צליבת ישו - The Crucifixion of "Yeshu"
  4. Video 2: Zionists calling Jesus "A stupid bastard"
  5. Israeli zionists calling Jesus a stupid bustard
  6. Video 3: Israeli Settler brags and taunts about how "Jesus was killed by Jews"
  7. Israeli Settler Brags - "We Killed Jesus & We're Proud Of It"
  8. Video 4: Christian pilgrims attacked by Zionists because of their faith: "Go back to Jesus"
  9. How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel?
  10. Video 5: Christians praising the Lord attack and taunted by Zionists
  11. Tourists praising the Lord / all hell broke loose! (2 of 2)
  12. Christians suffer occupation in exactly the same way all Palestinians suffer zionism and it's policies. As well as the Jewish people who are in support of coexistence with Palestinians, like the Neturei Karta orthodox Jewish members, rabbis, men of knowledge are even targeted. Watch the evidence in the video below:

    Video: Zionist Israeli Thugs beat up and use tasers on members of the Orthodox Jewish Faith Neturei Karta.
  13. Zionist Thugs Beating Up Jewish Rabbis
  14. The real smart (and Jewish) Albert Einstein knew, and warned the world for facism & zionism in Israel:
  15. And for the sceptics: The original microfilm scans of his letter as published in the New York Times of Dec 4, 1948
  16. And another letter of Einstein he returned to the Stern Terror Gang after it asked him to raise "funds" for their terrorism
  17. Yet it seems to be easier for many to maintain the never ending sympathy for "Israel mixed up with shame and empathy for the Holocaust era,  mixing it up with the "Holy Land" while ignoring the facts that Israel is committing every sin, disregarding every law, even the divine ones and is actually committing a 64 year long Holocaust on all living in Palestine, which includes also Christians and Jewish people.

    Forgetting the main message: Zionism is not Judaism. Judaism has nothing to do with Zionism, hence, not even all zionists are Jews to begin with! Like Glenn Beck. The King of Rapture & friend of "Israel" (as long as he is of use for them that is....)

    So what sort of "Christians" become zionists?
  18. For never forget: Zionism abuses. For anything/anyone that will aid to the Greater Israel, will be (ab)used: