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US Presidential Election 2012 - live updates

Americans will this evening know whether they have a new president, or four more years of Barack Obama. The result will depend largely on only a small number of America's 50 states - the all important swing states. We'll have the results as they come.


  1. 8:10pm: Democrats and Obama supporters celebrate and sombre Republicans are already looking for answers to what went wrong? At the time of writing, with the majority of votes counted, President Barack Obama has been re-elected to the White House, 303 vs 203 according to Huffington Post.Senate Democrats look to expand their majority in the Senate as well.
    This concludes the NZ Herald's live blogging of the US election.
  2. 8:07pm: Elated Obama supporters thrilled with the result.
  3. 7:56pm: CBS News compares two Obama family shots on election night. The grey hairs may give away which is from today.

    Obama: "We are still not a collection of blue states and red states and together, we will remind the world why we live in the greatest nation on earth"

  4. 7:40pm: President Obama made special mention of his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, saying he had never been prouder after seeing America fall in love with her as he did. The First Lady played a pivotal role in courting women voters, who, according to CNN broke for the President 54-46 per cent.
  5. 7:35pm: President Obama arrived on stage to enthusiastic cheers and screams of "four more years!" in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.
    The President, who recently recieved Governor Romney's concession phonecall, said voters "reminded us that while our road was hard...we have picked ourselves up and fought our way back."
    He quipped, "by the way we have to fix that," in response to the cutbacks in early voting hours in many states and long lines that followed. He also congratulated Romney on a hard fought battle and his public service.

  6. 7:30pm: Assisted suicide was on the ballot in Massachusetts, but with 90 per cent of votes counted the result is still to close to call.
  7. 7:15pm: In a successful night for the LGBT community, the US Senate now has its first openly lesbian Senator in Tammy Baldwin who, with 87% of the Wisconsin vote counted, is projected to win.
  8. 7:14pm: NZ Herald's very own expat American Nik Dirga weighs in on what happens now for Romney:
    "It’s a hard thing to be a losing Presidential candidate. Most of the recent unsuccessful candidates – the late George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry – have gone on to a kind of elder statesman status in their parties, but also become a bit of a pariah. Sometimes an unsuccessful candidate would try again – William Jennings Bryan tried a record THREE times to be the Democratic winner in 1896, 1900 and 1908 --  but Adlai Stevenson is the last to try that, back in the 1950s after running and losing twice to President Eisenhower. In the unforgiving modern media spotlight, it’s hard to imagine any losing Presidential candidate getting another go from the voters. Romney isn’t going to the poorhouse – as the wealthiest candidate in a long time, he’s pretty set – but at 65, he’s not likely to run again and his political career is essentially done. His running mate Paul Ryan, who’s only 42 and today won his Congressional re-election, has plenty of time to make another run, though.
  9. Romney's Loses the 2012 Election: Romney's Complete Concession Speech
  10. 6:54pm: Mitt Romney has arrived onstage in Boston, MA to give his concession speech. Romney said Obama's campaign deserved congratulations, "in a time of great challenges for America."
    Romney thanked his wife and family, his running mate Paul Ryan, campaign staff and the supporters gathered at Romney HQ.
  11. 6:50pm: CNN is reporting that the concession phone call from Governor Mitt Romney to President Brack Obama has occured. Sources said that Romney told Obama he will address his supporters shortly.

    6:31pm:  Barack Obama’s victory tonight is historic on several fronts. One that presidential historians will be remarking on is that his re-election now makes the first time three US Presidents in a row have won a second term since nearly 200 years ago when presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe pulled the same feat off. A Chicago Tribune piece looks at how different things were back in the 1820s when this happened.
  12. 6:17pm: CNN says Romney is still not ready to concede. He has spent eight years campaigning for this job. Meanwhile, CNN has called Colorado for Obama and says it is no longer possible for Romney to get to the 270 electoral college votes he needs.
  13. 6:15pm: Barack Obama's win is a vindication for NY Times statistical analyst Nate Silver. He predicted the result almost exactly correctly, despite his work being widely criticised - most harshly by conservative analysts.