Cyberbullying --Going Viral!

Everyone gets excited about videos that go viral online and everyone watches them. Cyberbullying is just as noticeable and we see it all the time, however, we don’t always do anything about it when something clearly needs to be done. LETS WORK TOGETHER TO DELETE CYBERBULLYING.


  1. Cyber bullying PSA commercial
  2. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites next to Facebook, if not the most popular. It’s great that everyone can express their thoughts and opinions, but if you open your eyes you would realize all the cyber bullying being done on Twitter. Being gay, and calling someone gay, may be one of the biggest aspects about someone to bully about, especially over the internet. 
  3. We constantly hear news stories about children and teens being bullied for being homosexual, and no one notices until it’s too late. But why is it that we are always hearing stories about teens committing suicide and ending their life because of cyber bullying regarding their sexual orientation? When will people learn?

  4. Above are some statistics related to suicide and bullying, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard or seen before. My point is again, how many times must we drill these stats into everyone’s head? How many times must we show people heartbreaking stories that occur because of bullying? Something more needs to be done.

  5. These are very interesting pictures because even though one can’t be physically hurt by another person with cyberbullying, it can cause just as much pain. The mental and emotional pain cyberbullying causes an adolescent or teen to feel can be just as bad, and have the same negative consequences –if not more. 

  6. Physical injuries will heal, and even though that can also cause emotional stress, outcomes from cyberbullying can stick around for a very long time. Knowing that a group of people, or even just one individual, are making fun of you and putting you down online either for only you to see or for everyone to see can be painful and embarrassing.

  7. The stress caused by cyberbullying can have damaging effects on a teens mental health.
  8. For those who are being cyber bullied, we need to help them understand that it is not too late! There are options and ways to help the pain. The main thing to do is tell a parent/guardian, a teacher, or a friend. Have someone there you trust that you can tell about the situation and what is going on. They can help try and stop it, as well as be great moral support.

  9. There are many resources to help parents and guardians to realize the signs of cyberbullying --and any bullying for that matter! Use these resources and be aware of them. Above are some example articles for tips on noticing the signs and how to help.
  10. How to Beat Cyberbullies
  11. There are also many ways for the victims of cyberbullying to prevent the issue and beat it! The video above gives great tips on how to "beat a cyberbully".