#DayInTheHardt: July

Brittany Kelly, a Visual Art Administration MA candidate, tweeted live from her internship at Sedition in London for #DayInTheHardt!


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  2. Last year, I never thought I'd be traveling in Europe & at a leading digital art start-up! #dayinthehardt
    Last year, I never thought I'd be traveling in Europe & at a leading digital art start-up! #dayinthehardt
  3. Traveling to London was Brittany's first time abroad! She gained the opportunity through a former internship at Artspace and with help from the NYU Global team.
  4. Brittany usually chooses between four modes of travel each morning: taking "the tube," taking the bus, walking or utilizing London's popular bike-share program. Today, she decided to try the bike-share for the first time!
  5. Sedition's mission lined-up completely with Brittany's passion for art and community outreach. She described it as the "perfect opportunity."
  6. As the Community Manager for Sedition, Brittany manages the organizations social networks and acts as a liaison between the organization, its artists, and its clients.
  7. Brittany helped Sedition with a local move during her internship from one part of London to another. She said the new office is much closer to where she living.
  8. Brittany went in-depth about the lesser-known aspects of community management! She explained meta-tags and optimizing the Sedition website for online searching.
  9. The high temperature in London today was 85 degrees! Brittany said she enjoyed going to pubs and loved local eats like bangers & mash and fish & chips.
  10. Today is perfect for lunch outside. #dayinthehardt
    Today is perfect for lunch outside. #dayinthehardt
  11. Brittany showed us a popular local spot she frequents for lunch. She said sight-seeing and visiting local pubs to mingle with people in the community has become a favorite past-time.
  12. Brittany recounts her time traveling to Paris last weekend to see the Eiffel Tower.
  13. Brittany discusses a weekly project she launched entitled #artworkoftheweek, where she showcases popular digital art on Sedition's social media platforms.