Gearing Up for Higher Education Lobby Day

Students and educators get ready to head to the Capitol to take a stand for higher education.


  1. Here's Karen's recent video call-to-action for higher education. Let's 'turn up the heat'!
  2. NYSUT President Karen E. Magee: 'Let's turn up the heat' on behalf of public higher ed
  3. Here's Andy's letter calling for you to take action at the NYSUT Member Action Center. Click to send messages to your state representatives!
  4. Here's UUP's new TV ad, featuring students demanding action in Albany:
  5. "Dream" - New UUP TV ad
  6. Here's PSC-CUNY's new radio ad referencing notable alumni Jonas Salk and Ruby Dee:
  7. Here's Suffolk County Community College's new student advocacy video:
  8. Student Advocacy Day - VNR
  9. Keep your browser pointed to to learn more and to take action.