World IA Day NYC, Sketchnotes by Amanda Lyons and Highlights from the #WIADnyc Tweetstream

World IA Day took place at several locations around the world on February 9, 2013. In New York, we were lucky to have sketchnoter, Amanda Lyons in attendance to bring presentations to life to our Twitter followers.


  1. The New York City event, hosted by Bloomberg, took place after a big blizzard, which greatly affected the turnout we had anticipated. Out of 330 registered members, only 130 were able to attend. Luckily, Amanda Lyons was on hand, drawing up a storm. Her sketchnotes accompanied the wonderful speakers, adding a you-were-there quality to the event for those who were unable to attend. We've interspersed Amanda's sketchnotes with tweets from the audience and our official site account @WIADnyc.
  2. "It's Begun!"
  3. Dan Klyn opened the conference with a discussion of the Architecture Part of Information Architecture, examining the history of IA through Richard Saul Wurman's work.
  4. "The classic pervasive seduction to designers has been to find a solution instead of truth"
    --Richard Saul Wurman
  5. Abby Covert interviews Louis Rosenfeld about IA for the Web: Original Intent:
  6. Christina Wodtke's presentation on Putting the Architecture back in Information Architecture
  7. Education Town Hall, featuring Abby Covert and Carl Collins of Parsons, Craig MacDonald of Pratt and Alex Wright and Katie Koch from the School of Visual Arts.