If Mall of America Charges Organizers of #BlackLivesMatter, Then #Chargemetoo

Here's what happens when a large corporation is perceived to put profits over people.


  1. On Saturday, December 20th, 3,000 protesters descended upon Mall of America for #BlackChristmas to stand in solidarity with victims of police brutality in Minnesota and nationally. #WeCantBreathe
  2. Mall of America didn't take too kindly to the peaceful demonstration. Threats have been issued by the City Attorney's Office in Bloomington that protest organizers will be criminally prosecuted. But Twitter wasn't having it.
  3. Tweets began to pour in from across Minnesota and the nation saying that Mall of America went too far in having offers show up in riot gear for a nonviolent, peaceful protest.
  4. Some are calling out what they perceive to be unequal treatment of people of color by Mall of America.
  5. Others have decided to implicate themselves in the "conspiracy" to engage in a peaceful demonstration by demanding that they also be charged for participating in the protest, whether present in person or in spirit.