Claudia and Nick get married

@fabstblueribbon and @nvioli got hitched at Woodlawn Farm in Ridge Maryland. Read on!


  1. Let's get started! Temporary tattoos from the gift bags. I'll spare you the one @emulch put on himself somewhere that would be covered by a bathing suit...
  2. The two buses arrived to join the handful of people staying with us at the farm. Our awesome friend Katie played the processional and recessional on the cello, and things were off and running!
  3. @dabdiputsmom made a big blown-up photo of us and an antique atlas for people to sign
  4. Our parents and friends gave beautiful, touching, heartfelt speeches:

  5. The tent was beautiful, even (or especially) with liberal use of instagram effects.
  6. Our photographers complimented how attractive and well-dressed our guests were...Guess they weren't talking about these guys.


  7. There was much photobooth ridiculousness, though we'll have to wait and see how much of it is appropriate for public consumption...
  8. Have you seen this broken sailor. - @fabstblueribon
    Have you seen this broken sailor. - @fabstblueribon
  9. It was a beautiful night, and our sincerest thanks to all our amazing friends and family who made it special.
  10. corbett3000's photo at Woodlawn
    corbett3000's photo at Woodlawn
  11. The early reviews are in: