Getting run over on twitter

I got run over on the morning of 5th July, and wound up on twitter talking about it. There's a piece on my blog about it all as well linked at the end. Here's what happened on twitter.


  1. So, morning of 5th of July, I decided to go south over Hammersmith Broadway in rush hour to try and meet someone at Putney to drop off a phone I'd been doing some testing with. I cycled off from my house, turned into the broadway, and was just making way over to Fulham Palace Road when a moped ride into the back of me. I woke up in an ambulance.
  2. I tracked this guy down thanks to a retweet by @boriswatch and thanked him the next morning.

  3. I was a bit confused
  4. as were my followers, it took me 16 minutes to write the next tweet, I think whilst I sat disorientated in bed in A&E.

  5. My eyes weren't that blurred I just hadn't noticed my glasses were trashed. My pulse rate was also pretty high!
  6. I was a bit angry
  7. Actually, my glasses took one heck of a whack, but are serviceable for now. Thankfully by being made of kevlar only the hinge got affected.

    Nothing like a picture to tell a thousand words.

  8. No, I do feel lucky. It could have been far worse, especially if I'd been thrown into the path of other traffic or into the back of traffic in front of me. A little road rash is the least worst option.
  9. I was really glad to see that there was a thread about me on LGFSS, nothing worse than having a big accident and fearing no-one cares.