Nursing School Interview Questions - How To Prepare

Are you are a prospective nursing student with a nursing school entrance interview coming up? I have gathered several very helpful articles that will hopefully reduce any pre-interview nervousness you may have, and help you to pass your interview with flying colors.


  1. First of all, relax. The primary reason for nursing school interview questions is to provide an in-person exchange of information about the program and how nursing school candidate would fit in.
  2. Nursing School Interview Questions
  3. Here are 6 potential questions you may face in the interview:
    1 - What are your career goals?
    2 - Do you possess talents that you can offer to the nursing profession?
    3 - How did you arrive at choosing nursing as your career path?
    4 - What strengths do you have that will help you as a nurse?
    5 - When you decided to be a nurse, how old were you?
    6 - In 5 to 7 years, where do you see yourself?
  4. Three of the most basic questions to answer, usually involve explaining why you are interested in nursing, why is a nursing education your top priority, and, why you feel you should be admitted to the nursing program.
  5. In preparing yourself for the nursing school interview, understand that it could be in person or over the telephone. It is suggested that you be prepared for both.
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