De Gabay - On the Day

On Sunday 3rd March we took over Butetown and Cardiff Bay, working with a group of young Somali poets and members of the community to create De Gabay, a site-specific piece about Butetown and its various communities. #DeGabay


  1. The morning began with intimate visits around Butetown, where the audience were welcomed and shared stories. Lots of the venues were people's homes, and others were local premises such as cafes, pubs and community centres. 
  2. Lovely morning so far @ #DEGABAY @NTWTWEETS
    Lovely morning so far @ #DEGABAY @NTWTWEETS
  3. In the afternoon two parades began: The Parade of the Past and the Parade of the Present. Everyone was welcome as the parades made their way through Butetown, moving through a series of checkpoints along their way.