TEDx SouthamptonUniversity : Sustainability

TEDxSouthamptonUniversity welcomes speakers to the University of Southampton on March 17th who are at the forefront of innovative research, policy developments and emerging debates towards tackling humanity's toughest questions on sustainability.


  1. Get more information on the event's agenda and main speakers through the following website:

  2. Exciting speeches that induce debates and ideas are a defining feature for all TEDx events! 

  3. The lead academic advisor to BBC's Frozen Planet production will be giving a talk during the event
  4. .....and the director of conservation for Marwell Wildlife!
  5. as well as a distinguished group of different speakers providing a multidisciplinary dimension to the topic of Sustainability
  6. Pre-event tweets are nothing less of an excitement !

  7. Welcome to the event's day : The Day of TEDx SouthamptonUniversity !

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