Tom Joyner School of the Month (Recap)

Norfolk State University was the Tom Joyner Foundation School of the month in September. For 30 days, the popular syndicated radio host encouraged his listeners to contribute money to support student scholarships at NSU. A celebration was held this week at the NSU Bookstore.


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  2. Tom Joyner School of Month Celebration at the Norfolk State University Bookstore
  3. Overall, the Tom Joyner School of the Month campaign raised more $200,000 in support of student scholarships. Thanks to all of the alumni, students, faculty, staff and organizations that contributed to NSU.
  4. Joyner's foundation named four NSU students as Hercules Scholars. Derek Smith, Jason Gill, Michael Minix, Nicholas McDonald. Congratulations to our students.
  5. Tom Joyner - Norfolk State University