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What Are The Situations That Prompt The Need For A No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitor?


  1. Not all injuries will warrant the need for you to hire a Personal Injury (PI)solicitor. If you tripped over an unevenpavement resulting to a minor sprain in your ankle, do you need to hire apersonal injury solicitor already? The first thing that should cross your mind is to seek medical treatment. Unless the injury is serious or something that requires continuous and expensive treatment, then employing a personal injury solicitor’s legal services may be considered. For minor injuries, hiring a personal injury solicitor can even be more expensive than personally attending to your injuries. In such case the legal cost will not justify employing a PI solicitor.

    So when do you need the assistance of a no win no fee solicitor Birmingham?

    The accident resulted to serious injuries.

    Some examples of serious injuries are amputations, injuries in the spinal cord, head and brain injuries, burns, scalds, and lacerations. These injuries will definitely have a long-term or even lasting effect either physically or physiologically. In these scenarios, it is highly recommended that you hire a Personal Injury solicitor to ensure that you get the deserved compensation.
  2. Male Trapped By Hydro WiresAfter Rolling Car
    Male Trapped By Hydro WiresAfter Rolling Car
  3. The driver involved in the car accident where you sustained your injuries is not insured or underinsured.

    The problem that is posed in this scenario is the financial capacity of the driver. If he is not insured it means that he will shoulder all the expenses for the claim. If he has no asset that can be converted to pay the accident compensation, then a dispute is highly possible. If the driver is underinsured, the desired compensation claim may not be obtained completely from the insurer. Again, the driver’s capacity to pay will be involved.

    You and the other driver involved in the car accident cannot agree who was at fault.

    Sometimes, people are just so stubborn to accept that they are at fault. This is more so if money becomes part of the consequences. In a vehicle accident, drivers usually argue as to who caused the mishap because they are aware that costs will not only be for the sustained injuries but also for the damage of the car. The police reports will contribute to the resolution of such argument but it will still affect the readiness of the defendant to pay the claims.

    You are being coerced to approve a hasty settlement.

    After an accident, you are still confused on what you will do next because of the pain, stress, and anxiety that you feel. Insurers can take this opportunity to offer a settlement showing how anxious they are to make you feel compensated and comfortable in the utmost way that they can. They will be lucky if you give in but if you are not certain of what to do, better consult a PI solicitor.

    You feel that you are not being fully compensated and you have not enough time to challenge the settlement on your own.

    In the UK, an accident claim must be filed within three years from the date that the injuries were incurred. If the settlement is given within this grace period but you are not content, seek the assistance of a Personal Injury solicitor. Appealing for the reconsideration or in some cases re-trial of the filed suit can be done depending on the gravity of the gap of the awarded against the desired compensation.
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