#SATXWILDFIRE --The wildfire highlights from San Antonio.

We have been monitoring the local Texas Wildfires and the tremendous support across San Antonio. The community's pulling together to help one another is most impressive. Here are some of the highlights.

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  1. This morning I'm driving down to San Antonio and no fewer than three non-thinking people toss their lit cigarettes out their car windows. I guess they don't realize how easily a fire can start in a dried out area like this. Smoke if you want but be careful and considerate with the butt.
  2. ATTENTION TEXAS AND SURROUNDING AREAS: CENTRAL TX NEEDS FIREFIGHTERS!!!! Begging for retired & any firefighters to call this #: 512-978-1187 . Cannot contain the town of Bastrop. Fire is 16 miles long, 6miles wide, jumped the Colorado River. PLEASE EVERYONE REPOST EVEN IF NOT IN TEXAS....SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY MAY BE. HELP!! Again CALL: 512-978-1187 . Bastrop is about 25 minutes from San Antonio off of 35 and HWY 21 (reposting)
  3. Displaced residents from three apartment complexes in Stone Oak clapped loudly when Fire Chief Charles Hood told them late Monday they could return to their homes --  about seven hours after a wildfire charred more than 210 acres, prompting a mandatory evacuation. Hood warned the 50 families who h...
  4. ARI (Arnold Refrigeration, Inc.) is collecting donations (no monetary donations) for delivery to the Texas fire victims. Items requested include: Trash bags,Work gloves,Individually wrapped snacks ,Dog/cat food,Bottled water.Clothing,Gatorade,Handwipes,Sleepingbags,Blankets,Pillows,Towels,Paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic utensils,toiletries, Baby wipes,Diapers,Baby food ,sanitizer Please drop off at our office by Friday, Sept 9th. ARI - 1122 N. Cherry Street, San Antonio, Tx 78202
  5. Fires burning all around Texas. 200+ acres burned yesterday just north of San Antonio, but was brought under control fairly quickly. Kudos to our firefighters. Smoke was blowing into our area yesterday from the huge fire in Bastrop just 50 miles away. Many homes have been lost. Prayers for all those left homeless or displaced.
  6. FOR THOSE STILL NEEDING TO MOVE HORSES OUT OF BASTROP FIRE AREA PLEASE CALL:A friend in San Antonio gave me a guys number that can help with the horses. His name is Ron Call him at 512-734-6080.
  7. High winds made it exceptionally hard to fight a fire in the Stone Oak area on the north side of San Antonio that sparked Monday afternoon, but as Tuesday arrived, firefighters were focused on making sure the flames would not get a chance to return.
  8. GM FB Family and Friends! I (we) pray, "Our Heavenly Father please keep our family and friends out of the line of (the) fire, up around the San Antonio, Sattler, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Austin and all the surrounding areas". Keep them safe and out of harms way. In Jesus name we pray, Amen! Love You all! Take Care! and God Bless!