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Twitter Scavenger Hunt

This is me and Rawan before starting the Twitter Scavenger Hunt.


  1. On the 26th of February, my friend Rawan Lasheen and I had to complete an assignment for our JRMC 202 class. The assignment was made up of 10 questions, where we had 1h and 15 mins to go around campus, interview students, professors, faculty and alumni to answer them. Then, we were expected to take pictures of the interviewees and post their responses on twitter. The winning group was to get a bonus. We started off with our first question and interviewed a student and it all went well. This encouraged us to continue our mission excitingly. As we moved around, we met the first professor and decided to interview her but she refused and told us that she is not interested to help. We were so frustrated because we thought "what kind of a journalism professor does not help students in a journalism assignment?"  We went around asking for more answers and more interviews. It was fun, yet hectic. We wanted to earn the bonus so we were trying to be as fast as we could. We finished nine questions in almost 30 minutes and we spent the whole time searching for a professor to interview, but unfortunately we couldn't find any easily. Despite that, we really did have fun and it was a good experience. The challenge itself was different. We did not arrive first, however, we were proud of what we have achieved.