What's it dropped from its pocketses?

Pockets! They're a feminist issue, don'tcha know. Friday saw me smash another phone screen, because I ran for a bus and, silly little me, I forgot my pockets are not designed to actually hold stuff in.


  1. I wondered how many fellow women and wearers-of-women's-clothes have suffered loss due to this highly irritating oversight (or so we might think) in women's clothing. I was reminded of this excellent piece:
  2. Also tweets either side of this in Elizabeth's thread:
  3. I really recommend reading that if you're one of those people who says "That's not a problem!" or "Just get a bag!" or similar when women complain about this.
  4. This is a super-fun piece on switching to "men's" clothes
  5. "First wave suffrage satire"
  6. All this thread. Fave bro puns: Titus Flavius Brosephus; brocarbonate of soda; Jacques Dudesteau; Epistle to the Saints at Brolosse - see for yourself.
  7. On to the plethora of twitter replies to my request: