'Mr. Zezima Goes Back to Washington'Read More: Bus, Stamford Advocate, Gps, Drivers, Humor, National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Washington, Cars


  1. 'Mr. Zezima Goes Back to Washington'

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    Before my recent visit to Washington, D.C., a town populated by clueless people, so one more wouldn't hurt, I had been in the nation's capital twice -- once on purpose.

    Why Uber Is Un-American

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    Last month, Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced a Chicago ordinance that magically created a new category of "transportation network provider," in order to legalize UberX's previously illegal taxi services.

    Remembering Andy Kaufman 30 Years on

    People gawked at him, pointed at him, called his name and shook his hand. One sang out the Mighty Mouse tag line: "Here I come to save the day!" Andy took it in graciously, but he clearly would rather have been unrecognizable.

    Tourist Scams: What You Need to Know

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    One of the best ways to defend ourselves against scammers is to know what their tricks are, and how to avoid them -- then you can go back to actually enjoying your vacation.

    24 Signs You're Addicted To Cabs

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    Sometimes they overcharge you, and sometimes they smell like a nauseating mix of stale burritos and super-strong air freshener. But we're totally w...

    8 Life Lessons We Can Learn From '70s TV Shows

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    The more we got to see the Fonz interacting with the Cunninghams the more we realized that being tough and cool only counted for so much. What really mattered was surrounding yourself with people you love and that love you back.

    Looking For The Uninsured? Just Hail A Taxi Driver

    CHICAGO (AP) -- Groups working to sign up uninsured people for health coverage are making a special effort to contact taxi drivers, hoping to get man...

    Share-Less in Seattle

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    Companies like Lyft and Uber are not only changing the future of transportation, they are also driving economic growth and job creation in cities all over the world.

    Unintended Consequences to Miami-Dade Taxi Tech

    County commissioners are scheduled to make significant changes this week, including upgrading taxis and the technology inside them. Unfortunately, sometimes the most well-intentioned legislation creates unintended consequences when involving new technologies.

    What Harry Chapin and Marty Taught Me About Unconditional Love

    When he brought up marriage, I changed the subject. I realize now that I didn't believe someone could love me for a lifetime when I didn't love me enough in that moment.

    This Is So Satisfying

    We dare you to find a more satisfying video than this woman who gets so fed up with a slow, obstructing taxi that she moves it out of the way -- by cr...

    The Best Cab Ride of My Life

    The cynic in me was looking for something missing. There had to have been a catch. But there wasn't.

    There's A Fine For That

    You can barf in a cab, but it might cost you more than just the dry cleaning fee for your pants. Taxi drivers in Key West have drafted an ordinanc...

    Polymathic Perversity

    In his classic Life Against Death: The Psychoanalytic Meaning of History, Norman O. Brown glommed upon Freud's concept of polymorphous perversity to describe the rich palette of human instinct.

    Cities Move To Rein In Smartphone Taxi Services

    Taxi and limousine regulators from 15 U.S. and Canadian cities plan to release proposed guidelines Friday aimed at reining in some of the smartphone a...

    The Creepy, Dangerous Ideology Behind The Cult of Disruption

    Read More: Travis Kalanick, Altruism, Uber, Cult of Disruption, Business, Ubertaxi, John Galt, Mike DeBonist, Joseph Heller, Pandodaily, Nathaniel Mott, Ayn Rand, Silicon Valley, Taxi, Business News

    Uber founder Travis Kalanick Kalanick is a proud adherent to the Cult of Disruption: the faddish Silicon Valley concept which essentially boils down t...

    NY Cab Crash Kills Driver, Utah Tourist, Hurts Boy

    NEW YORK -- A three-way wreck on a rain-slick highway Saturday killed a taxi driver and a Utah woman who was taking her grandson to see the city sight...

    BAD TRIP: Illegal Taxi Driver Sentenced For Unlawful Imprisonment Of Tourists

    Read More: Unlawful Imprisonment, Video, Taxi Cab, Gypsy Cab, Bhupinder Singh, New York City, Livery Cabs, Taxi, Queens-District-Attorney-Richard-Brown, New York City Crime, Crime News

    A livery cab driver who unlawfully picked up four Panamanian tourists and held them in his vehicle as he fled a police chase will serve six months in ...

    WATCH: Jon Hamm Improvises Song About '70s Sitcom

    Don Draper may not "get" the Beatles, but Jon Hamm is so well-versed in retro pop culture that he can make up songs about '70s sitcoms on the spot. In...

    Four-Wheeled Future: All Hail the Taxi of Tomorrow

    Read More: Nissan, New York, Vanity Fair, New York City, Cars, Travel, Commute, Future, Technology, Transportation, Taxi, New York News

    After exhaustive evaluation by all manner of stakeholders, the Nissan NV200 has been selected to replace the venerable Ford Crown Victoria as the Big Apple's official cab.

    Undercover College Kids Expose Cabbies Who Won't Drive To Brooklyn

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    In an undercover operation involving college students, more than 360 cab drivers have been fined for refusing rides requiring long distances to outer ...

    Are D.C. Cab Drivers Paid Too Much Or Too Little?

    WASHINGTON -- Are taxi-fare rates in the nation's capital too high or too low? On Tuesday, as The Huffington Post reported, two associations represent...


    D.C. Cab Drivers' Groups Sue Taxi Commission

    WASHINGTON -- Two D.C. taxicab drivers' associations are suing the D.C. Taxicab Commission, its chairman and D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray alleging unfair r...

    Taxi Crashes Into Horse and Buggy at Midnight

    This morning just after midnight a NYC taxi crashed into a horse and buggy in front of 40 Central Park South. There have been a number of crashes in t...