Berea College Commencement 2013

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  1. So proud of these 2 girls they have become part of our family over the past few years and I'm so thankful God allowed us to be a small part of their college experience God is going to do some amazing things through these ladies and I'm so impressed with their willingness to serve and follow after God.
  2. Do you remember the feeling?
  3. My American Twin, Amanda, has already graduated!
  4. What an absolutely amazing group of seniors graduating today from Berea College! So excited, proud and sad to watch them walk across the stage today! Congratulations " class="">Amanda Benitez, Rosanna Willhite, " class="">Jamie Beth T. Nunnery, Tommy Boykin, " class="">Shaina Mason, " class="">Gilbertoh Bangha, Erin Callow, " class="">Liz Kilburn, " class="">Crystal Thomas, Alexas Kidder, " class="">Rich Costanzo, " class="">Erica Lynne Cook, and all the rest!!!
  5. College Graduate!! Thanks for all the Congratulations Everyone! @ Berea College kP7L/
  6. Three of my handsome boys!! Congratulations on graduating Gilbert!! Can't wait to see what God has planned for you!!
  7. Welcome to the alumni family Class of 2013!