NOISEfest14: The Launch

We went and got ourselves launched on Tuesday, at none other than the House of Commons. Here's some stuff that was seen and said.


  1. Anticipation was in the air.
  2. Touch down in London town! #NOISEfest14
  3. Up-skirt shots of Big Ben were in abundance.
  4. We managed to get through security, eventually. #BeltsOff
  5. Bit of mingling, bit of waiting.
  6. This was a cool thing we saw.
  7. "What is this? A centre for ants?" #Zoolander  #NOISEfest14
    "What is this? A centre for ants?" #Zoolander #NOISEfest14
  8. And so it began.
  9. Nice spread, eh? #NOISEfest14
    Nice spread, eh? #NOISEfest14
  10. Speech time!
  11. I looked away from twitter for a few minutes.
  12. And two #NOISEfest14 Curators talked about their path into the industries and helping the disadvantaged.
  13. Elaine is up! #NOISEfest14