Up and coming

You've worked with others to create some amazing visualisations, you've made new connections and you're enthusiastic about taking Visual Camp forward, but what would you like to see and what you'd like to do to support this. This is what we asked you and this is what you said...


  1. Take Today's Work Forward
    Take Today's Work Forward
  2. The post it above sums up really well what you wanted to happen next, see below for the different ideas people have on this!
  3. So to keep the momentum going, what better spot than Royal Festival Hall to meet up to take the conversations forward on Visual Camp. Thanks to @mindfulmaps for organising!
  4. How about a real visual camp in every sense? Could we gatecrash this festival and have it there? Or even up North?

  5. Perhaps at the next #visualcamp we can have a musical background. Here's what @ejanderton cooked up earlier...
  6. This idea came out of DotGovLabs, so why not join up and join below in where we can take forward the idea together?

  7. An introduction to Dotgovlabs Innovation Hub