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Tim Pernetti out as Rutgers athletics director

The Rutgers community, media and New Jersey residents react on social media to Tim Pernetti's departure.


  1. Tim Pernetti is out as athletics director at Rutgers University just days after video was aired of former men's basketball coach Mike Rice verbally and physically abusing players during a practice. Pernetti fired Rice earlier this week.

    There was a campaign to sway university officials to keep the athletics director that brought Rutgers to the Big 10, but it wasn't enough.

    People were taking to Twitter to react to the news, including athletes and coaches.
  2. Many, including students and alumni, were not happy with the decision, and at least one person planned to cancel his annual pledges to Rutgers.
  3. At least one person said they don't understand the outrage over Pernetti's dismissal and others said they supported the decision.
  4. Several people also offered their thanks to Pernetti for all that he did for the Rutgers athletics program.