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New Jersey voters report problems at polls, with e-mail and fax system

New Jersey voters are headed to the polls this morning, but residents are reporting on Twitter problems at both the polls and with the e-mail and fax system in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.


  1. New Jersey residents head to the polls today in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Some polling places are without power or are damaged, which requires some people to go to a different polling place. Others who are displaced are attempting to vote via e-mail and fax today. Many on social media were reporting smooth sailing, but many others were reporting problems both at their polling places and with the e-mail and fax voting system.

    Some saw crowding problems and even chaos in their polling places.
  2. Twitter followers were reporting the biggest problems, though, with the system for e-mailing and faxing their votes. Followers said they had sent their applications to the county clerk but never received a ballot back. Some said they weren't even able to contact the clerk to get a ballot.
  3. Update: One follower reported he heard from the Hudson County clerk about e-mail and fax voting, who suggested using provisional ballots. Another reported she had no problems.
  4. There also was some confusion over where people were supposed to vote, including telling them to vote in other states.
  5. New Jersey voters typically have not been asked for their identification at polling places, but they reported poll workers were asking for it today.
  6. Despite the problems, though, many people reported no problems at their polling places, even if they were on generator power or were at a new location.