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Hurricane Sandy slams into Atlantic City area

Large portions of the city are under water as Hurricane Sandy churns along the coast, getting ready to slam into the New Jersey coast.


  1. Hurricane Sandy hadn't made landfall in the Atlantic City region and it already was the worst the city had already faced. Much of the city was under water and hundreds were trapped in their homes. City officials said 85 percent of the city is under water.
  2. People turned to social media to share their photos of Atlantic City. The photos showed not only the flood waters but the destruction of portions of the historic Atlantic City boardwalk.
  3. That's AC Coast Guard base #StillTheBeginning #Sandy #WereDone
    That's AC Coast Guard base #StillTheBeginning #Sandy #WereDone
  4. Meanwhile others turned to social media to express their feelings about the destruction in Atlantic City.