Teaching Classics in Wales

First annual conference of the Cymru Wales Classics Hub


  1. In June 2015, a group of Classics teachers met in Swansea to discuss how we can support and promote the teaching and learning of Classics (in its broadest meaning, incorporating both languages, cultures, and history) in Wales at all levels. CWCH was born: the Cymru Wales Classics Hub. After a successful first teacher training day, we had our first annual conference on 6 February 2016 at Swansea University.
  2. More information can be found on  www.cymruwalesclassicshub.weebly.com .
  3. We had a packed room on the new Bay Campus (the first Arts and Humanities conference to be organised there, apparently... AND in the new Great Hall which looks like the skeleton of a Greek temple :-)
  4. The weather was atrocious, of course, but that didn't dampen the mood at all!
  5. Evelien Bracke first spoke about 'Teaching Classics in Wales: research and practice', on the past and present situation of Classics in Wales, and potential for the future.
  6. Our keynote speaker was Barbara Bell, who spoke about her personal journey with Minimus, and how it can be put in practice. We were really grateful Barbara took time out of her busy schedule to be with us - she's so inspiring!
  7. After Barbara, Anna Donnelly from Sollihull gave a talk about the Primary Latin project there, supported by Classics for All. What an amazing project, with so many schools!