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Wordle Resources

Here is a collection of resources related to They show you how to create a word cloud and give some ideas for using the word clouds in a learning context.


  1. This is what a word cloud looks like. This one was created using a tool called Wordle and it shows the vocabulary from a text displayed in random order. The larger words are ones that appear more frequently in the text.
  2. This tutorial shows you how to make a word cloud.
  3. Creating Word Clouds for EFL students
  4. This is the link to the site. Go to the site and click on 'Create' to make a word cloud.
  5. Here are my ideas and suggestions for using Wordle with EFL and ESL.
  6. This is an interesting article on using Wordle within action research.
  7. Here is an article about some similar tools to Wordle.
  8. Below you can see what some teachers on Twitter say about Wordle.