Pro San Francisco responses

Pro San Francisco responses:


  1. Pro San Francisco responses:
    It has a fully integrated and efficient light-rail-to-train-to-bus system that's been functioning for decades. It has Golden Gate Park, one of the largest and beautifully developed urban parks in the U.S. -- Ralph Stephan
  2. The Federal Reserve District Bank is located in San Francisco, not Seattle. Thus, the federal government recognizes San Francisco as the most important city and financial center of the 12th reserve district. Also, the Golden Gate Bridge has been called one of the wonders of the modern world. The Space Needle, not so much. -- Philip Hoxie
  3. There are more ecosystems in a shorter drive around the SF Bay Area. Meaning you can get to desert, forest, mountain, ocean, etc easier and with shorter drives than you can in the Seattle area. -- Emile Zarbo
  4. After living in Seattle for 15 years, I finally saw the light and moved to San Francisco. No, I mean I saw light, you know, that bright orb in the sky that warms the earth. I no longer stare gloomily at thick, low-lying clouds that spew a constant drizzle for 11 months out of the year. Seattle has Winter and August. Period. Here, in S.F., I no longer feel like throwing my self off a tall bridge for want of a cheerful dry, sunny day of which S.F. has about 100 more a year. -- Anne Davis
  5. I've found San Francisco to more positive, upbeat and friendly. Over the four years I spent in Seattle, I found many people to be antisocial. Seattle is a great place to visit, but San Francisco is an amazing place to live (if you can afford it!) -- Lori Martin
  6. Like our two football teams, the two cities mirror each other but San Francisco is a long-standing giant while Seattle is the coming man. Seattle must win a Super Bowl to gain status in the country. Until then, it will always be in the shadow of their bigger more famous brother in California. -- Clint Young
  7. Public Transit: I have only lived i Seattle for 6 months, but it is always difficult to get a cab. If the Seattle area had something like BART it would vastly improve the area. I believe the neighborhoods in San Francisco are more diverse also. -- Mike Hickey
  8. Sophistication: San Francisco is and always has been much more sophisticated (as opposed to trendy like Seattle) artistically, intellectually, architecturally and culturally in general. Seattle made a choice back in the '60s to "go natural" with Birkenstocks and down vests. Bad choice. By the way, the number of draft breweries is not a sign of culture. (Also, including Silicon Valley in a "review" of San Francisco is like including Tacoma in a "review" of Seattle. Nope, San Francisco wins hands down.) -- Molly Cook
  9. S.F. takes the cake. A couple reasons: Seattle nightlife is pretty awful outside of summer. It can't hold a candle to the amount of bars and restaurants S.F. has to offer. Comparing the cities is like comparing New York (SF) to Boston (Seattle). Seattle is also lacking the diversity that S.F. has and that shows in the restaurants and culture. -- Chad Asmussen
  10. San Francisco has kept more of her history. Like: streetcars, cable cars, and steep streets/hills. Seattle has flushed some of her hills into Puget Sound. The cable cars are long gone. The original streetcar routes are buried under asphalt. -- Rod Nelson
  11. Just ask foreigners what city, Seattle or San Francisco, they want to visit. -- Rodney Nelson
  12. Because we have class and you don't. We have Metallica, which you failed to mention in your music section. We have sun in summer, you have patches of clear sky during the three months it doesn't rain. -- Matthew Witthaus
  13. Weather: While S.F. has fog, it is still brilliantly sunny for a least a few hours a day most days, and the fog rolling in and out is in and of itself beautiful, unlike the soggy gray drizzle of Seattle. And it is possible to live within 10 minutes of the city and have warm sunny climes year round while still taking advantage of the city and the amazing restaurants, produce, jobs, cultural events, natural beauty and year-round outdoor activities the area offers.
  14. Why is San Francisco better? I can sum it up in three words. Golden. Gate. Bridge. San Francisco has more amazing, world famous landmarks in one neighborhood that Seattle has in the whole region. -- Jean Rice