Tips to Make Guest Room More Welcoming

Guests, who would stay at your home for the night or two, are usually the loved ones from your family or friends. With that said, you wouldn’t be willing to make them feel even a bit awkward due the room arrangements you have made.


  1. Decorating a guest room and decorating it to make it more welcoming are two different approaches (and I hope that you would be willing to follow the latter one).

    Below mentioned are a few tips that you will find helpful in making a guest room the ideal place your guests would love to stay in.
  2. Books can be the best decoration
  3. Assortment of books is the ideal practice that you can do to make the guest room more interesting place. This arrangement is especially helpful when you cannot be around for the guest the entire time. Furthermore, the books arrangement also works in design perspective. The types of books that you can place in the shelves may include nonfiction, bestseller and mystery books.
  4. The luggage stand
  5. The luggage stand can save your guests from the trouble of trouble of extracting a briefcase from the closets and then stashing it back after getting the item from it. It would be the better idea to place a folding luggage stand in the room. The main advantage of this stand is that you can keep it in the closet when you are not expecting guests. Nevertheless, you can place it permanently in the room as a design feature.
  6. Create an accent wall
  7. Creating an accent wall basically develops a focal point in overall design. The wall that you can pick for this purpose should be the one which would have nothing placed or attached with it. The best way is to panelize a portion of the wall. Wood or stone panels are ideal but faux panels can also do the trick in this regard.
  8. Lots of pillows
  9. Pillows can be great because they tend to create an environment of coziness, just what your guests would love to have. So, get a lot of pillows and fill the places like bed and sofas in the room. Nevertheless, avoid using pillows with bright white color.
  10. Hangers and hooks
  11. Photo by jengrantmorris
    Photo by jengrantmorris
  12. When the guests arrive at your home, they need a place to keep their handbags, purses and coats. This is where you can get help from hangers and hooks. The best place to attach these hooks is the door side that appears in the room’s interior. You can also attach these hooks on the walls.
  13. An aesthetic nightstand
  14. The main purpose of guest room decoration should be to comfort the guests. One of the cozier arrangements that you can make in this regard is a nightstand. Make sure that nightstand is a beautifully designed one.
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