Mobility in the workplace @KMLF

Exploring the use of moible technologies for a mobile work force, facilitated by Simon Waller on Wedensday 26 June 2013 at Melbourne KMLF.


  1. These days "mobility" seems to mean having multiple mobile devices - all of which you carry with you. But is this really making anyone more productive? Perhaps even more importantly, can it be used to support better decision making though improved knowledge management?

    This session explored the why, what and how of mobile technology and provide participants with many of the questions and some of the answers around effective mobile technology use and how we can use mobile technology as a personal knowledge management device.

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  3. Getting started
  4. Exploring changes in how we work
  5. How does the way we work impact on the pracitce of KM?
  6. How can technology assist with personal knowledge and skills growth?
  7. Exploring technology for personal knowledg management (PKM)