The Social Enterprise @ KMLF

The Social Enterprise & Enterprise Community (Knowledge) Management faciliated by Nicky Hayward-Wright on Wednesday 22 May 2013.

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  1. Over the last few years we have seen the proliferation of social networking services for enterprises. How prepared are you to engage with your organisation to move it towards being a Social Enterprise? This session collaboratively explored the elements of a social enterprise and the role of the enterprise community (knowledge) manager using a conversation cafe format
  2. Getting started
  3. The social enterprise & the enteprise community (knowledge) manager - overview
  4. At #kmlf - nickyhw in flight on The Social Enterprise. @ RMIT Building 80: Swanston Academic Building izFo/
  5. The Social Enterprise Meaning equation - nickyhw at #kmlf. @ RMIT Building 80: Swanston Academic Building CzF1/
  6. Activity: Conversation Cafe
    Topics discussed: 
    >>Enabling good practice
    >>Knowledge stewarding and content curation
    >>Moving people up the engagement scale
  7. >>Strategic management activities of the ECKM...
  8. Enterprise Community Knowledge Manager - strategic management activities #kmlf
  9. >>Skills required by an enterprise knowledge community manager (EKCM)....
  10. A ECKM should be / be able to..

    Discern the good/bad/ugly

    Sort through stuff – identify/extract value from noise

    Get involved on many levels; hands on

    Cultivate serendipity

    Read people & situation

    Hold and cultivate interpersonal knowledge

    Have awareness of technology



    Attend to periphery

    Connect people to others

    A good networker

    An ambassador

    Nurture; have vision for what can grow

    Cultivate diversity

    Tap into people’s feelings/disposition

    Humble; see people as humans

    Analyse and present a business case

    Plan actions to create value

    Be able to map knowledge/information into a single picture

    Use metaphors; tell stories

    Get many voices heard


    Extract more from people

    Find points of resonance / stimulus to get interaction going (randomness)

    Have respect / be respected (competence vs authority)

    Consistent, without manipulation

    Respond openly; interject humour and kindness

    Have difficult conversations

  11. >>Enteprise Community Knowledge Managers - facilitating and weaving to enable....