Small changes @ KMLF

Story Share session on "making small knowledge-related changes" facilitated by Helen Palmer on Wednesday September 26, 2012.


  1. Have you lead or made a small knowledge-related change that had some impact? 

    In many public forums, the focus is on the big knowledge/information changes made, and often they involve the introduction of technology, and/or the leadership of senior people in the organisation. What if you don't have these ingredients? Can you still make meaningful change? 

    This session is a Story Share format (5 -10 minutes to share your story, with 5 minutes of Q&A) which showcases micro changes that we can mobilise for immediate implementation and inspiration. Using the tagline from The Power of Pull; Small Changes Smartly Made can set Big Things in Motion

  2. A story to share right now: May it inspire more stories to share! by Helen Palmer

    At a group meeting, I got a new meme going: On blank piece of paper, I wrote down names as I was introduced to individuals. Names were placed on the paper in spatial relationship to their seat at the table.

    Meme was quickly copied by others at table. People quickly & confidently used each other's names.Result: Greater rapport & trust for the immediate conversation & for fostering longer term r'ships.

  3. Small Change #1 ~ focus on engagement and evolution
  4. Small change #2 ~ Collegial competition is the key to contribution
  5. In a global consultancy environment Pam worked with Asia-Pacific project teams to capture a case study of key learnings after each project conclusion. A by-product of the case study was that named participants were often selected for new world wide projects.


    As the recognition of the value of providing input into the project-end case study spread, peer pressure rather than project KPIs was the motivation for knowledge sharing and knowledge byte production.

  6. Small change #3 ~ focus on the possibilities