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Feeling not thinking @ The CPX

"Feeling, not thinking; drumming, juggling, stilt-walking & more" with Jared Shay held at Inspire9 on Wednesday May 30, 2012.


  1. About Jared Shay

    Jared started playing drums professionally when he moved to Melbourne to study straight out of high school. For the first two years his small apartment wasn’t big enough to play or practise on a real drum kit and because of this most of his playing was on an assortment of pads and pillows.  He began to realise that the skills he was acquiring on his improvised set-up were largely skills that were independent of the instrument. Coordination, rhythm and independence became a fascination, and whilst they were integral skills for his drumming career, they were much more important in shaping his thinking on how we think, feel and what our bodies are capable of learning.

    For the next few years Jared managed to survive his Computer Science degree solely from drumming and teaching. He graduated in 2010 and decided to take up juggling instead of looking for work. He excelled at juggling, largely due to his prior training with rhythm and coordination, and the new hobby quickly turned into an addiction. He spent the next year travelling around to world to attend conventions, meet other enthusiasts and further fuel his fascination with what we are capable teaching our bodies to do.

    Jared has since taken up stilt walking and when he is not gigging he works as a contract tutor in schools, runs juggling and stilt walking workshops, blogs and spends all of his free time practising, reading about practising or looking for something new to practise. His forearms hate him.

  2. It's about feeling and not thinking (too much)
  3. Learning then practicing
  4. What participants thought

    Very stimulating session that highlighted the synergies between music, dance, and the feel that enables individuals to do extraordinary things like the drumming routines and juggling that Jared demonstrated and we got to try. It's all connected as long as we're open enough to trust our body and to go with it. Would like some more work in this area. Peter

    nice atmos, great people. At the start, the space was loud because of the co-sharing nature so was hard to hear. But the noise reduced and we were all engaged in the conversation. Nice. Amir
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    This story is a compilation of tweets during the session. 
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